My Story

For a few years, I was a make-up artist. I’ve also been a teacher and a babysitter over the years. And though I loved what I was doing, I never felt completely fulfilled. It always seemed as if something was missing.nnOne day I was at a friends house getting my hair cut. This friend was always very open and connected to herself. We started discussing my dreams and the messages they contained.nnI remember telling her how my dreams always felt like movies. They were always very detailed.nnAs we continued talking, the room became very hot for no apparent reason. It was kind of funny, because she gave me this look and then whacked me over the shoulder with the hairbrush and said “You have gifts. It’s time to embrace them. There is a psychic circle in your area that I think you will love.”nnI reluctantly said I would go to this circle and see what it was about. I made my husband go with me. (hehe.)nnThe first few times I attended, nothing really happened.nnI remember thinking to myself, “I’m not psychic.”nnI was given a few readings by some of the other circle members and my grandmother came through. I thought it was so cool, but I still remember thinking, “this just isn’t for me.”nnI continued going to the circle because it was something fun for me and my husband, Stan to do on a Saturday night. Plus, I really liked all of the people that attended.nnOne night, we were in meditation and I started to see intense purples in the shape of an Angel behind a woman sitting across from me.nnThen, someone in the group asked, “Does anyone have a message or see something they’d like to share?” I thought, “Okay, Keri. Just put what you’re seeing out there. What’s it going to hurt?”nnI spoke up and told the woman that I saw a vibrant, purple Angel hovering near her. She was very clear and very detailed.nnThe lady I mentioned this to said that she works with Angels all the time and that it made total sense to her that I had seen this purple Angel with her. It was a complete validation for her and her work.nnI remember thinking to myself, “okay, THAT, was pretty cool!”nnAs we were getting ready for bed that night my head was swarming with thoughts of the vision I had, had and many other details of all the things I had learned from my time with the circle.nnThe following week in circle, I was back to not seeing anything at all. I didn’t think much about, but had fallen in love with meditation through the work I was doing in circle. I decided I wanted to start meditating on my own at home.nnAs I was meditating one day, I kept getting flashes of people. One right after the other. Really quickly. Almost like someone was playing a movie in fast forward. At the time, I had no idea what that experience was all about.nnUnfortunately, the circle I had been attending stopped meeting, so I didn’t have a place to go anymore to develop my skills.nnShortly there after, I began attending Psychic Fairs where people did readings and other things. I loved going to support the people who offered there services there and also to learn more about this new world I had seen a glimpse of. I still had so many questions.nnI began playing with Oracle cards on myself and friends. The cards we pulled would have very relevant, significant messages for us. At times, I would have a feeling or smell something and describe it. Often times, the person I was doing the reading would say, “yes! That is the smell of my grandfather’s pipe he use to smoke” or “that sounds like my grandma’s garden.”nnI began to feel people in our apartment who had passed on. Sometimes I would experience an overwhelming emotion or need to say something that didn’t entirely make sense to me.nnI began to get a little freaked out. I remember wanting a place to go to to talk to people that felt this way too.nnThis went on for a few months.nnI got up one Sunday morning around 6AM (which is odd to begin with, because I really love to sleep in on Sundays,) and I felt a calling to go to my computer and check emails.nnThere was a message from a friend of mine telling me she was starting a psychic development circle in Frisco. At the time, I happened to live in Frisco. I remember thinking, “how convenient!“nnHere I was, asking for a place to go, to learn and talk with others about these things that were happening to me and voila! There it was. Needless to say, I was an immediate “yes!”nnI wasn’t expecting much out of it. I had known Kim St. Andre for a long time, (the leader of this group.) I knew that she was great at what she did and I felt safe in the space she had created.nnI didn’t go into the group expecting to receive messages, but I did. And from that moment on, I knew that using these skills I had discovered was going to be an important part of my life’s purpose.nnAfter attending the new circle regularly, I began delivering messages to different people within the circle. The messages I shared gave them the validation they desired. A bonus for me, was the feedback I got about the messages I shared. I found that many of these messages brought great healing for those that had received them.nn nnWith encouragement and support from others in the circle, I began to do readings professionally.nnNow, I do gallery readings (readings for large groups of people) in the DFW area, as well as one on one readings for individuals. My goal is to support others on their spiritual journey.nnSo, all in all, over the past 9 years I have been developing my gifts, taking classes and going to circles to learning from others. I have found that this is my calling that this is the best way I can help other people.nnI have always desired a way to help others feel good about themselves. Discovering my abilities as a psychic-medium has given me a tool to help people heal.nnI was not always aware of my Psychic and Mediumship abilities. But with the help of many good friends, I am now awaken to my gifts and abilities. n

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